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    Fluency Testing

    Integrate fluency testing and gain a holistic view of language abilities in your internal multilingual staff.


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    GLOBO Fluency Test

    How it Works

    GLOBO's Fluency Testing enables customers to leverage bilingual staff and employees for direct communication with limited-English speakers.



    Available 24/7

    Request testing via GLOBO HQ anytime.


    Complete Customization

    Custom options available, such as medical terminology.


    Receive Rapid Results

    Receive results in as quickly as 48-72 hours.

    Leverage Existing Internal Resources

    Drive Efficiencies

    Drive Efficiencies

    check Centralized Ordering
    check Available 24/7
    check Customizable
    check Online Management
    check Rapid Results


    Ensure Proficiency

    Ensure Proficiency

    Qualified evaluators verify listening comprehension, written comprehension, and oral expression. 


    Reduce Spend

    Reduce Spend

    Leverage your existing multilingual team and reduce spend on external interpreting services.


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    Language Access Made Easy for Health Systems

    Learn how to improve Patient and Provider experience at every step of the patient journey with GLOBO Language Support.

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