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    Telephone Interpreting

    250+ Languages, 24/7

    Language support shouldn't be complicated. Access qualified interpreters in over 250 languages whenever, wherever. 


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    Telephone Interpreting


    Telephone Interpreting, Made Easy

    Telephone Interpreting


    GLOBO's easy-to-use Telephone Interpreting is available on-demand or by scheduling an appointment. Connect to qualified interpreters quickly so you can communicate with your limited English speaking populations when it matters most.


    Simplify Connections

    Simplify Connections

    Smart-routing capabilities connect you to a network of professional linguists.

    Quality Over the Phone Interpreting

    Ensure Quality

    Skill-based routing connects you to the most qualified interpreter, every time.

    Data and Reporting

    Gain Transparency

    Gain transparency into usage through real-time data & reporting


    "GLOBO's speed and efficiency have directly reduced my costs, and the access to critical data that I never had before is super easy through their platform."

    Manager, Top 5 Insurance Company


    Language Support at Your Fingertips

    Simplify Connections

    Dial your dedicated phone number from any telephone, iOS or Android device, select the language needed, and be connected to qualified interpreters in seconds.

    Increase Efficiencies

    GLOBO's leading reporting suite provides actionable, real-time data & analytics to contain costs & drive efficiencies.

    Gain Visibility

    Track and manage spend with ease, ensure the optimal utilization of services, and monitor service level performance.


    Over the Phone Interpreting


    Get Started with GLOBO Telephone Interpreting

    GLOBO's plans are based on the mix of languages in populations you serve.

    Plan A

    More Spanish
    pie chart 1-01
    Choose this plan if most of your telephone interpreting calls are Spanish.

    Plan B

    About Half Spanish
    pie charts-02
    Choose this plan if around half of your telephone interpreting calls are Spanish.

    Plan C

    More Other Languages
    pie charts-03
    Choose this plan if less than half of your telephone interpreting calls are Spanish.


    Increased Partnership 
    pie charts-04
    Have a unique need? An Account Executive will reach out to understand your use case, advise on options, and craft a custom quote. 

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    Start the conversation using the form below and a team member will reach out to answer any questions. 

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